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Assault & Family Violence Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

Officer with hand on shoulder and arm of man facing a wall in handcuffsAssaults in Texas

The term "assault" covers everything from a mere threat to cause someone imminent bodily injury up to aggravated assaults involving weapons and serious injury. The punishment for conviction of an assault can range depending on the facts from a ticket or misdemeanor up to a first-degree felony. There are legal defenses that may apply to your case so you will want the help of a veteran criminal defense attorney. You should not assume that the police or district attorneys will see that your case was self-defense.

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Domestic & Family Violence

A particularly difficult area of Texas assault law involves family violence. You can find yourself arrested for assault family violence for a fight with someone who is not a family member. Roommates, boyfriends, and girlfriends, also are included under this offense. I provide representation to people accused of domestic violence (or domestic assault). I know that a charge of domestic violence can have a huge impact on people and their families. A conviction for assault family violence can not be removed from your record. It will also result in many other negative consequences such as never being able to own or possess a firearm. Domestic violence cases are often associated with divorce and can be brought by vindictive spouses.

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