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Street Sign Graphic - DWI with circle and diagonal line over it and strictly enforced on sign below Each week hundreds of people throughout Tarrant County are arrested and charged with DWI/DUI many of these occur in Keller and nearby communities. It's one of the most common criminal charges and one of the most serious for the average citizen. The costs and effects of a conviction for DWI in Texas have never been greater. It can have negative consequences for years to come.

If you have been charged with drunk driving- even if it's your first time- take it seriously. Maybe you did not drive drunk but you have a tough road ahead of you. People facing DWI/DUI convictions may face stiff fines license revocation and even jail time. At the Weathers Law Firm, I fight DWI charges for my clients. I know that DWI/DUI charges require zealous advocacy; that is why I always fight hard when my client's future and freedoms are on the line. As your legal advocate, I will stand beside you when the power of the government is against you. I am not intimidated by the power of the government.

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You only have 15 days from the date of arrest to protect your driver's license by requesting an administrative license hearing. People who fail to request a hearing before this time runs out will face suspension of their driver's license. You may also require an occupational license.

At the Weathers Law Firm, I have the ability to respond quickly when my clients need me. I can take action to help you keep your driver's license or assist you with obtaining an occupational license.

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