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Expunctions & Nondisclosures Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

Square Metal lockersEvery year thousands of people are arrested in Texas. Some arrests result in convictions but many do not. If you actually were convicted of a Class B misdemeanor or higher offense, the conviction can not be removed from your record through this process. However, if the arrest did not result in a conviction, Texas law provides two primary methods to clear your record. Having a clear record can be important for background checks on job applications, leasing apartments, applying for federal student financial aid, and many other situations. You have options available in Texas.

Expunctions in Texas

Texas law provides for the destruction of criminal arrest records in certain situations. This is the best possible procedure for clearing arrest records. Texas state and local governments are ordered to provide all of their records of the arrest to the court for destruction. Texas law can be complicated on the offenses that are available for expunction and the timing of any request for expunction. It is very important to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to assist you with this process.

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Texas law also provides for the sealing of criminal arrest records in certain situations. This process results in the arrest records being hidden from everyone except for law enforcement and governmental agencies. The public and businesses would not be able to locate any arrest record and the court allows the arrested person to legally deny having ever been arrested. Texas law regarding your eligibility for nondisclosure and the timing of any request can also be complicated.

At the Weathers Law Firm, I have experience in helping people who need to clear their criminal record with either Expunction or Nondisclosure. Set up a consultation to explore your options under Texas law to clear your record. Contact my office by e-mail or call. Your initial consultation is free so you have nothing to lose by talking with a veteran criminal defense attorney.